Changzhou JUST screen printing machinery Co., LTD. is a manufacturer of screen printing equipment, which canresearch, manufature, market by introducing foreign technology. Our company is located in changzhou city, with a long history, the humanities, the humanities ceremony, advanced economy and convenient traffic.

Company is specialiazed in various kinds of flat screen printing machinery equipments and auxiliary equipments (applied in the filed of paper, PCB, electronic, glass printing ,package of toba cco and wine , and advertisment ). We also provide nonstandard product by self-designing and manufacturing, according to the personalized needs of customer home and abroad. Main products include fully-automatic glass screen printing machine, full-automatic subsurface multicolor screen printing machine, roll to roll screen printing machine, (CCD) alignment precision screen printing machine, large advertising printing machine, semi-auto printing machine, peripheral auxiliary equipment and so on. JUST owns a professonal team for design,manufacture and marketing. With excellent and reliable quality, good reputation, satisfactory after-sales service, we will work for domestic and internatoinal customers better.

Company has always been quality-oriented and pursuit of perfection.We aim at creat higher quality, higher speed, higher benefit products to meet the needs of all customers.Company staff are striving for improvement and innovation. Meanwhile,the professonal team of design and engneer will develop and manufacture superior products to close to customers’requirement.

In pursuit of perfection and continuous innovation, Company will cooperate with you to create better future!

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